Introducing The Black Bead Chronicles

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"Mesmerizing page turner....A thrilling ride from start to finish!" -author Jackie Shemwell

Storm Child: Book Four of the Black Bead Chronicles

Ten-year-old Cheobawn Blackwind, the most powerful psi adept ever made by the dome’s genetic engineers, wants nothing more than to be an ordinary child, but she has an unerring propensity for finding trouble. Branded Bad Luck on her Choosingday, she wears a black bloodstone in her omeh, her honor’s necklace. Her one source of comfort […]

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Spider Wars: Book Three of the Black Bead Chronicles

Join the Blackwind Pack on their third adventure in Spider Wars: Book Three of the Black Bead Chronicles. Winter is a time of quiet industry under the domes. At least it should be. Cheobawn sensesĀ a danger she doesn’t understand, and with the eldest three children of the pack away for temple training, Connor is the […]

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Black Bead Book 4 Now On Sale!

It’s finally here, Storm Child: Book Four of the Black Bead Chronicles! Order here on Amazon, or head to your local bookstore and ask them to order it for you (I believe in supporting your local book store, keep these valuable community resources alive!). It’s likely your bookstore doesn’t stock my books, but if you […]

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Book 4 available for Pre-Order!

Exciting news my dear readers! The fourth book of The Black Bead Chronicles is finished, edited, shined, and polished — and ready to pre-order on Amazon! It officially launches on June 20th, just in time for your summer reading. The new title is “Storm Child” (previously Trade Fair, the name of the annual gathering of […]

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The Spirals of Time

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ‘ – George Santayana, This quote has been repeated often in one form or another. The thought is a grossly simplified condensation of the truth. Time is not linear nor one-dimensional. History is a river that runs in a spiral through pan-dimensional space-time. It […]

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About the Author

J.D. Lakey was born and raised on the high plains of Montana under an endless sky and as far from civilization as anyone in the twentieth century could get. There she explored the finer nuances of silence and the endless possibilities of the imagination. The stories were always there. The shifting of fortunes finally granted her the time to gather all the stories and give them flesh. An avid reader of science fiction and comics, she currently lives in San Diego, California where she divides her time between her writing, commuting on the I-5, and spending time with her delightful grandchildren.