Author: JD Lakey

Book 4 available for Pre-Order!

Exciting news my dear readers! The fourth book of The Black Bead Chronicles is finished, edited, shined, and polished — and ready to pre-order on Amazon! It officially launches on June 20th, just in time for your summer reading. The new title is “Storm Child” (previously Trade Fair, the name of the annual gathering of […]

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The Spirals of Time

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ‘ – George Santayana, This quote has been repeated often in one form or another. The thought is a grossly simplified condensation of the truth. Time is not linear nor one-dimensional. History is a river that runs in a spiral through pan-dimensional space-time. It […]

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Goodbye Sheri S. Tepper: Brilliant Author & My Feminist Sci-Fi Inspiration

“Grass! Millions of square miles of it; numberless wind-whipped tsunamis of grass, a thousand sun-lulled Caribbeans of grass, a hundred rippling oceans, every ripple a gleam of scarlet or amber, emerald or turquoise, multicolored as rainbows, the colors shivering over the prairies in stripes and blotches, the grasses” – excerpt from Grass by Sheri S. […]

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