Arrow’s Flight: Book Five of the Black Bead Chronicles

Cheobawn, Black Bead Ear, warrior witch, and exile from the domes, now sails with Samwell Wheelwright down the great River Liff. Without her omeh, without Blackwind Pack, without the comforting presence of the land above the Escarpment, she must make her way to Dunauken, the Lowlander city on the edge of Orson’s Sea. What she must do there is anyone’s guess. The Mothers know but she ran away before they could tell her that part of their plans.

Tam is not a patient person. He and the rest of Blackwind Pack have come down the cliff, hunting her. It has been 2000 years since any female of the domes has set foot in the Lowlands, and Megan and Cheobawn’s presence is a barely contained secret. But time is running out — to keep her Pack alive, Cheobawn must get to Dunauken first and face the darkness that has consumed all her timelines.